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"One day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember." – Tim Bergling

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Yesterday was a day with very sad news. Tim Bergling, known as Avicii had passed away. The EDM world was taken by storm, and so was Sweden. Avicii was a huge name on an international scale and is the most played Swedish artist on Spotify.

He was a guy around my age and I was pretty shocked when I heard the news, as it was someone you wouldn't think was going to leave us for many decades to come.

Before I knew about Avicii I had little to none interest in the new era of House and EDM as I felt it was too much about the production without a care of strong melodies. Hearing Avicii's music with emphasise on lead melodies as well melodic vocals was a very nice change and got me to buy his Album Levels later on that year. He had said in interviews that he thought music is about melody, a universal language which I personally agree on very much. Who then became to inspire artists as Alan Walker and pushing the EDM forward with artists like Coldplay. Did you know Avicii co-produced and written the song "A Sky Full of Stars"?, it has that Avicii touch and feel for sure.

What I really wanted to say is; Avicii's music will continue to live on in our hearts and inspire thousands of new artists to bring new music for the world.

Rest in Peace.

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