Playstation 5 using Zen would be great thing

Sony has learned the hard way with PS3 by using specialized CPUs, only a handful developers would take advantage of it's fully potential and the overall result became a money sink.

With current gen consoles, both Sony and Microsoft adopted the X86 architecture which has made game-development easier, hardware cheaper to manufacture and a overall more consistent hardware between platforms. With rumors of AMD "Ryzen" going to take part of the upcoming Playstation 5, that would mean great contributions to push the use of CPUs capabilities forward and I really hope 8 cores will be the new definitive standard for gaming.

Several news sites has reported on Sony going to use 'Ryzen' without mentioning 'Zen'. 'Ryzen' is a line up of CPUs based on the Zen architecture, the same way 'AMD EPYC' is. This does not mean that 'Ryzen' specifically going to end up in rumored future consoles, but what sounds more likely is some custom CPUs based on the Zen architecture, and as seen with recent mobile CPUs, consoles may end up having CPU+GPU on a single chip a.k.a an APU.

I was predicting and really hoped that the Xbox One Scorpio was going to use AMD Ryzen, it sounded like a perfect fit for a console is all about giving the best performance, but what we instead we got a custom model of the old Jaguar CPU. By that point I felt it was not as impressive I just rather wait for the next generation consoles. But if it's in your budget, why not. That's the reason I got the PS4 Pro, it was on sale for the same price as the old PS4.

With PCs already on the second wave of Zen ('Zen+') we finally have some competition in the CPU market and by recent sales trends we have see more people buying the 6-core from Intel and the 8 core from AMD. Ryzen has showed to be a good performer when it comes to 4K gaming which I predict Sony will brag about "True 4K" when they announce the PS5. The good and bad part about Ryzen is the RAM dependency, it's expensive right now. Fast RAM speeds is a great thing and my prediction is that next generation consoles won't necessarily have more RAM but rather a focus on faster speeds as well of cutting costs.

My prediction is that the new PS5 going to be like the PS4 Pro, but giving the developers a lot more resources. Hopefully it will also have backward compatibility with all PS4 games as well a Boost-mode like the PS4 Pro has. I do really wonder what Microsoft going to do in order to bring back their fan-base in the upcoming years.