Taking a break from hobbies..

In the past month, I've taken a break from my hobbies to catch up things surrounding my daily life as well getting a better control of my spare time. It means I've cut down a lot on most software development and gaming, but also the time spent on watching and interacting on Twitch.

Instead of coming home and continue in front of a computer display for at least four to six hours a day and sometimes whole evenings. I've had time to live a more "normal" work life; leaving work and feel that work is done for today and I don't have any obligations or time to take in counter of what has to be done today.

By cutting almost all Twitch and being more of a lurker and cut all programming and video gaming sessions, I've saved at least six hours a day. That's a lot of hours in just a week that I can spend on taking care of things that I've put on the shelf for months. Very soon do see my self returning to a normal schedule but with more control and care of how I take care and spend my free time.

If there's something I've really want to go back to very soon is getting my new personal website with it's "web 3.0" design up. Secondly I want to continue with Swift/iOS development to get more work done with my first iOS App. It's almost half-way done; UI is completely done and one of the three main feature sections is completely done.

Photo by Tim Foster