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Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Great 3D Sonic in remastered form

6 months ago

Game review

Release date2021-09-07
DeveloperSega Team
PlatformPlayStation 5
Playtime10 hours

I take notes as I play the game for things that I think deserve a mention. If something was not mentioned, it is considered "fine" and not noteworthy in any sense.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

This is a good remaster but nothing special compared to the original game. This came is came out before Sonic Generations and it shows how much better Generations did 3D Sonic even tho this was great at the time.


  • 60 fps

  • Glow
    Sonic just looks cool with the glow.

  • Space zone/Star light
    This was just looking very cool and was a great experience.

  • Grind rails
    This was some of the best parts of the game. Gridning on roller coasters.

  • Playable credits
    Always a fun addition.


  • The most mario game
    This game is the most mario game of the sonic games I've played. The world layout, stages, power-ups is very mario. Even have the bad moving platforms like mario.

  • Infinite lives
    Like with many other Sonic remasters in recent time, this game removes the lives and now you have infinite lives at checkpoints making the game much easier.


  • Not rerendered
    Like crisis core, the cutscenes wasn't re-rendered and looks low res. It's alright tho.

  • Can't use D-pad
    Some sections like the lane-sections does not work well with analog stick when you need fast and respoonsive movements.

  • Should start with a full-guage
    Sonic Generations fixed this, but in some of the stages it starts low and you need it for some bosses later so it can be quite challenging in the end making u die a lot in same spot.

  • Crash bandicoot stage
    This game has stages where the enemy hunts you from behind. In crash bandiboot, this was a bit weird but fine because you went pretty slow running, but in a Sonic game the point is to go fast and it's hard to do when you have no idea what's coming up.

  • Boss has no indicator?
    This could be a glitch or a bug in the remaster, but in one of boss level (Terminal Velocity 1) there's no laser indicator as the original game so you had a third of a chance of not insta kill you a lot of times and there's no checkpoints in between so u have to redo whole stage.

  • Underwater levels
    Under water levels suck, they always have sucked. In this game several of the stage endings is under water even.

Final thoughts

It's a fun game, the remaster did not do much to improve the game it self but it's good it's on a modern platform now. I hope they remaster Sonic Generations some day as well.

Final score: 7.5/10